Vintage Boffin

Vintage Boffin is a work in progress. It's currently online at as little more than a Mailchimp signup form for the newsletter, but it will be an online marketplace.

I was looking for some luggage. Some nice leather stuff that was handmade but not wallet bleedingly expensive. A big ask, but I thought Etsy might have some. After a fair old search around I noticed that a few of the sellers were selling the same items. Handmade, yes. But Handmade in China not by the seller. I was quite disappointed by this. I'd imagined Etsy to be more of a curated thing, but it gave me an idea.

Vintage Boffin, when built, will be a small, British, curated marketplace. All the artisans and makers will be guaranteed to have made the article you buy from them. In the case of actual vintage items at least they'll be from a British company. The aim is to have video of the makers actually making and the upcyclers upcycling. I'm still deciding if to even ship internationally. All these things are to be built, decided on and discussed with the people interested in having a store.

It's all in hand though and will probably take up a fair number of blog posts soon. You can follow progress on Twitter & Instagram to keep up if you like.