(Disclaimer: That’s not my office)

I've a few things on the go at the moment. Many not really related to this site since I've basically stopped freelancing at this point (except for the odd thing) but I'll put them here and point to blog posts as (if) and when I write any.

Vintage Boffin

Vintage Boffin is a new vintage / upcycled / hamdmade marketplace. Still in the early stages of planning and design.

Hack Oldham

Hack Oldham is a hack space & co-working space in Oldham. Join us on Twitter to find out more.

As yet untitled furniture up-cycling project

I like to make things. I’ve been working on some designs for some up-cycled tables, side tables, shelves, lamps, that sort of thing, that I’ll be making to order and selling via Vintage Boffin. Obviously one project depends on the other.

6 Tonne Starter

This is my least likely to ever see the light of launch project. A slim, lightweight starter theme for WordPress that I use for a lot of my own work designed to save you the first 6 Tonnes of work at the beginning of your project. There’s a Sass version coming too. When I have it ready for the public I’ll put it on Github. Maybe.