Bugs… or not.

I say bug report, might not be a bug. Might be the internet being built wholly on the corpses of all the bugs before. But anyway…

At the start, with Ghostery activated I get the following image.


As you can see I have the login menu available, if not immediately obvious, and everything works as it should barring the social media buttons, which are what I’m blocking the trackers from so this is all as it should be.

Logging in is fine, takes me to my profile page, which although isn’t where I thought it would take me makes sense now I think about it. The problem comes when I go to the main site to ‘Discover’ some new work. I can search and I can favourite images for later review but I can’t get back to my profile to see them. The Icon to get to my profile is blocked.


Turn off Ghostery and refresh the page and everything returns to normal.

I’ve actually figured it out as I’ve been writing this that it’s all working exactly as it should. There is no bug. Ghostery is blocking Gravatar which you are using for the profile images (which should have been obvious since you sign up via email and not social network) and the lack of image is giving you no hover trigger to get at the menu. Enable Gravatar and it all works after a CTRL + F5 server refresh. A normal refresh just brings you the menu with no image.

So yeah… Sorry about that. Seems it’s not a bug at all so much as a an unexpected confluence of features.

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