So… this happened.

Now I admit I was in the process of rebuilding, fixing and generally messing around with my site but still, carelessness costs. Anyway, an hour or so later I’m back but the whole thing is now in bits.

Now I’ve been having a rethink recently about what I’ve been doing with this site. The portfolio was never presented the way I wanted it to be, it wasn’t doing it’s job of getting me work, and I’m not much of a blogger (writer in general) so that wasn’t really serving a purpose either.

So I decided to get rid of the portfolio, not use the site to get clients, and write more. I’ve got a big list of projects on the go and a bigger list of things I’ve been meaning to rant write about so it’s about time I did.

I’m going to try to be less lazy I suppose. In my next post I’ll explain why I was installing analytics and whether I ever get them working. Otherwise It’s all just such a waste.

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