Oldham used to make a lot of things. We were at one time famous as a global leader in cotton manufacture, there were mills everywhere, and the whole town still shows it’s roots as the industrial powerhouse it once was. We were the home of the tubular bandage, the process was invented right here. Parts for some of the first ever computers were made in this town. The British aerospace industry was a major player in the towns economy. We did engineering on a massive scale and we were damn good at it too.

It would be wrong to say that things haven’t changed over the years.

Heavy engineering in this country isn’t what it once was, nor is large scale manufacturing, but we still produce things. We build things still.

So, onto my idea.

If the companies of Oldham who still build things get together and promote themselves and each other I think we could all do well out of it. Raise the profile. Twitter is a good way to do this. The hashtag #OldhamHour reaches 100’s of thousands of people a week, every week between 9pm and 10pm on a Monday. It’s a great idea and many businesses benefit from it. I suggest another hashtag. #BuiltInOldham.

I suggest we use it to show off what we make now. The architects, product designers, web designers, makers, manufacturers could all use the tag to promote their work. Share it round and who knows how far it could reach. Use it to find companies who are based in the town that provide a service you need and consider giving your work to them. It’s just an idea. Let me know what you think in the comments. So far I’ve started the hashtag (via @vintageboffin) and I’ll be starting a list to go with it of all the companies that use it. Lets see how it goes.

So… this happened.

Now I admit I was in the process of rebuilding, fixing and generally messing around with my site but still, carelessness costs. Anyway, an hour or so later I’m back but the whole thing is now in bits.

Now I’ve been having a rethink recently about what I’ve been doing with this site. The portfolio was never presented the way I wanted it to be, it wasn’t doing it’s job of getting me work, and I’m not much of a blogger (writer in general) so that wasn’t really serving a purpose either.

So I decided to get rid of the portfolio, not use the site to get clients, and write more. I’ve got a big list of projects on the go and a bigger list of things I’ve been meaning to rant write about so it’s about time I did.

I’m going to try to be less lazy I suppose. In my next post I’ll explain why I was installing analytics and whether I ever get them working. Otherwise It’s all just such a waste.