Bugs… or not.

I say bug report, might not be a bug. Might be the internet being built wholly on the corpses of all the bugs before. But anyway…

At the start, with Ghostery activated I get the following image.


As you can see I have the login menu available, if not immediately obvious, and everything works as it should barring the social media buttons, which are what I’m blocking the trackers from so this is all as it should be.

Logging in is fine, takes me to my profile page, which although isn’t where I thought it would take me makes sense now I think about it. The problem comes when I go to the main site to ‘Discover’ some new work. I can search and I can favourite images for later review but I can’t get back to my profile to see them. The Icon to get to my profile is blocked.


Turn off Ghostery and refresh the page and everything returns to normal.

I’ve actually figured it out as I’ve been writing this that it’s all working exactly as it should. There is no bug. Ghostery is blocking Gravatar which you are using for the profile images (which should have been obvious since you sign up via email and not social network) and the lack of image is giving you no hover trigger to get at the menu. Enable Gravatar and it all works after a CTRL + F5 server refresh. A normal refresh just brings you the menu with no image.

So yeah… Sorry about that. Seems it’s not a bug at all so much as a an unexpected confluence of features.

Vintage Boffin HQ

It’s taken a while but Vintage Boffin HQ is ready. Which basically means I did up my office so I can work again. We had a few plumbing issues over the summer and my home office was ruined. Damp everywhere, needed totally redecorating, basically a mess. I’ve done not one stitch of work that didn’t involve a pen and a notebook since about May. The upside of this is that now I have a plan of how to build Vintage Boffin that hopefully should be far reaching enough to make the act of actually building it simple.

The Plan

Vintage Boffin is going to be built on WordPress using the WooCommerce framework. Some people have suggested to me that this isn’t the best idea I ever had but http://www.woothemes.com/2014/02/monitoring-woocommerce-growth/ says different. WooCommerce now powers over 10% of all online shopping. That’s impressive.

I’m using a few of their plugins too. One to turn it into the multi store marketplace it needs to be and another Paypal integration that allows me to automatically deal with taking commissions and dishing out the right amounts of money.

Social media is in place with @vintageboffin existing on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and even Ello. In another post I will rant about the reasons Facebook don’t make that list. Most of this is powered by Buffer with some stuff posted through Klout as part of my ongoing quest to find out what the point of it is. Email is of course handled by Mailchimp.

Communication will mainly be done through Slack with Asana handling project management duty and Mailbird handling the much hated email. A new program I found for distraction free word processing called Write is also being much used at the moment too. So far it’s good enough that I haven’t installed Office on my new laptop. I’ll be writing product reviews of most of these things later. You don’t have to read them, I’m just trying to get into the habit of writing more since it’s been a while.

Next week I’ll be sending the first email out to the subscribers I have on the mailing list so far. I think we’re up to about 80 interested parties at this point which although that’s a small number in the grand scheme of things is a number I can deal with right now. I want to make the early stages a personal experience with the users. One of the first things will be a survey to find out what features can be considered to constitute Minimum Viable Product since I don’t want to be spending a year building Amazon for eleven users. That is on the cards for Wednesday next week. I tell you this so you can call me out when it doesn’t happen.

Anyhow… Back to it.