(Disclaimer: That’s not my shed)
I’m Rhys. I’m a web designer / developer based in Oldham, which is up near Manchester in the North of England, in case you stumbled here from somewhere else.

Somehow you’ve managed to find my website, thanks for that. So since you’re basically in my online shed at this point feel free to look around, borrow whatever you like (somewhere you’ll see a Creative Commons License that says as much), and if you want to chat you can find me on all of the social networks on the left. At least the ones I use regularly.

A bit about me

I built my first website, alongside my friend John Greaves, in about ’93. It had versions for IE and Netscape and browser sniffed between them. I remember table based layouts and framesets like they were yesterday (and the Blink tag), but also CSS. I’m not even sure it had a number back then, but it changed everything.
Life took a few twists and turns and the careers me and John thought we would be able to land in the web industry never really materialised, though he did a lot more than I ever did.

In 2011 though, after a long stretch in a job I was very tired of I decided to go freelance. I’d been keeping current and doing the odd project for people for years anyway so it didn’t seem to much of a leap. There’ll be cautionary tales about how wrong it’s possible to be without fatalities coming in the blog.

At the moment I’m concentrating on building a startup of my own so I’m no longer taking on clients. Which is probably for the best. There’ll be things in the blog about that soon. Maybe even some of the old stuff out of my portfolio too.

I’m starting again basically. So thanks for visiting and seeing how it’s going.